Quality control

Production monitoring

The production technician demands the highest precision on the machine! For this reason, we have spared no expense or effort to ensure the dimensional monitoring of our parts during production.

We have access to all the necessary precision measuring devices from leading manufacturers, measuring prisms, roughness measuring devices, measuring towers as well as a number of "hand-held measuring machines". In order to prevent dimensional fluctuations due to temperature changes, the areas are air-conditioned.

Our employees are also specialized in the production of individual parts, where each plant is continuously and independently monitored in order to achieve the required and necessary accuracy according to customer specifications.

Final inspection

Our air-conditioned measuring room includes a wide range of high-quality measuring instruments.
Among other things, we have 3D measuring machines (CMM accuracy: 0.9 µm + L / 350).
The measurement data evaluation is of course carried out using the most modern software and state-of-the-art technology .
We see ourselves in a position to make statements about the quality and dimensional accuracy of our products.