Quality management

Production control

Providing utmost precision must be viewed as an extremely challenging and exhausting task for the operator. This is why we have spared neither effort nor expense to establish a dimension control that goes hand-in-hand with the production process.

Of course we have access to all required precision measuring instruments of leading brands, measuring prisms, roughness gauges, height gauges as well as hand guided TESA measuring tools! To eliminate measurement deviations caused by temperature changes all our production halls are air-conditioned.

Our operators are specialized in the production of single parts and perform permanent measurement monitoring to avoid and eliminate any human or machine caused failures as soon as they occur.

Final Check

Our air-conditioned measurement facility is home to a broad number of various measurement devices
including our latest acquisition in 2010, a Leitz 3-D measuring tool (accuracy: 0.9?m +L/350)!

Needless to say that our measurement analysis software is state-of-the-art.

It is thanks to our equipment that we are now able to judge the quality of our products.