Meislitzer Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Regarding the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe / Worldwide:
Meislitzer Präzisionstechnik GmbH is a contract manufacturer in the field of metal and plastic contract manufacturing.
There is basically a dependency on customers, suppliers and various other parties.

The ability to deliver and act is therefore in all of our interests.

We would like to inform, that our company and all of its employees are going to isolate our self to the outside as best as possible.
We are following the advice and instructions of our local authorities. So we are going to keep our own ability to deliver and act as effectively as possible.
We ask for your understanding that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, "force majeure" can cut through all supply chains.
Therefore, the current supply of needs of all kinds can be questioned. If there are delivery difficulties, we will inform the effected customers and partners immediately.