With us as your partner, you benefit from professional machining technology and CNC machining. In addition to mechanical manufacturing, we also provide precision machining and erosive machining, as well as targeted heat treatment of steels and other materials.

Our products manufactured through CNC machining and electrical discharge machining undergo rigorous quality control and traceability. This has always ensured exceptional customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

What we offer:

Mechanical Manufacturing

Erosive Machining

Heat Treatment

Quality Assurance

We process the following materials with the highest precision:

  • Tool steels, CrNi steels, hot work steels, ...
  • Casting materials
  • Hard metals
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Light metals (aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys)
  • Plastics and high-performance polymers
  • Ceramics

Are you looking for machine capacity and skilled personnel?

Then rent our infrastructure and experts.
How does it work?


I. Contact us

II. Together, we discuss your needs

III. We free up capacities for you and your project

IV. We manufacture your products to the highest quality standards

V. We deliver your products to the destination


Sounds simple? It is. So don't hesitate!